We are pleased to advise that in association with Actavis, who have provided price support on our remaining stock, we have reduced the price effective from today to $1.01 ex manufacturer.

The effect of this change will lessen your expected loss following the late change to the Pharmaceutical Schedule price.

Please refer to our previous article for the full details which lead to this satisfactory outcome.

Our only concern is that many of you will have some stock carried forward from your current stock into December 2016. Hopefully it is minimal, however if it is significant then I recommend you apply a part charge and would be justified in doing so.

That would require you to monitor your stock very closely and be able to prove if questioned that it was on hand at the old price.

Until all stock of Zetop is sold through (there is no disadvantage now we have price support) we will be holding back Zista.

Once stock of Zetop is depleted we will automatically replace with Zista.

We apologise for any inconvenience but stood our ground for Pharmacy which is what we had to do – or you will have suffered greater losses.

Should you need to discuss please feel free to contact me on 0274506813





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