As advised via PHARMAC tender of 30 April 2018 there is to be a change in the listing and future sole supply.

New listing from 1 October 2018 without SA restrictions

Solifenacin Mylan Tab 5 mg 30                                 Pharmacode 2546787             Schedule price $3.00

Solifenacin Mylan Tab 10 mg 30                               Pharmacode 2546795            Schedule price $5.50

Incumbent brand with SA restrictions

Vesicare Tab 5 mg 30                                                  Pharmacode 2208385   Schedule price $37.50

Vesicare Tab 10 mg 30                                               Pharmacode 2208393  Schedule price $37.50

Reference pricing will apply to the incumbent from 1 December 2018 and delisting 1 March 2019.

As of the date of this notification ProPharma / PWR cannot accept Vesicare Tablets for credit under any circumstances.

We would recommend you continue to purchase the incumbent and we will replace automatically once existing stocks are depleted.

Should you wish to purchase Vesicare once our existing stocks are depleted then it will be on a PROCURE basis only.

You MUST manage your stock so that you have ZERO stock at time of reference pricing being 1 December 2018.

Once again we need your support to ensure stock in the supply chain moves through to effectively ensure no losses are incurred.

Together we can make this an almost seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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