We are all aware of the supply issue surrounding this product.

Notification from Mylan as follows:

We have been advised stocks of the above will be arriving early next week. It will take a couple of days to QA release and then we will be able to supply stock.

Please note however this delivery is only for a limited quantity of each sku with follow up deliveries at the end of November (that should return us to normal).

As a result of these limited delivery quantities we will only be able to supply approx. 30% of your current backorder quantity for each line. A such, we would recommend scarce supply status / a limited quantity per pharmacy ordering in order to try and best manage the next 3 weeks.

Accordingly ProPharma and PWR will put an allocation of 2 per customer per week until normal supply is reinstated. Should you feel you require more than the allocation then please discuss with your local Manager or Key Account Manager.

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