ProPharma and PWR take pride in producing information which if used and accessed regularly and can make a real difference to your overall margin, particularly in the dispensary.

Our Website is maintained on going. As well as current Information on the home page you can access all the changes to be implemented within the next three months for Dispensary in the Pharmac Updates tab. A ONE STOP SHOP.

We recommend you regularly check the Website and make the required adjustments to your purchasing patterns for dispensary items that are reducing in Price & Subsidy and also those where the Price & Subsidy is increasing. It will make a difference and we know the margin is already tight in both Pharmacy and Wholesale.

If you are seeking to Investment buy then you must keep in mind that suppliers invoice wholesale at the new rate on the first purchase order after the 12th of the month preceding the change. No guarantee after 12th of the preceding month, simply because, if we need to purchase and we are invoiced at the new price then we will need to implement that immediately.

Similarly most suppliers will provide price support to the supply chain for price decreases where these are as a result of a Tender, although in recent months it has been a real battle to ensure we can continue to get support for pharmacy and wholesale. We will not relent, because at the end of the day it is both of us that suffer.

Finally watch the Mind Times BLOG and act immediately if there is something of interest or benefit. Do not leave it until later and that may well be too late. Information will be added daily or as needed. If you viewed it yesterday and the top item was Siterone, and it is still there today then you do not have to scroll down to find anything new. If it has changed, then scroll down to check additions.

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