This is advanced notification of a potential Price Decrease on all presentations of the above products.

Pharmac are seeking feedback on a proposal which will see the Special Authority in Section B and the HML Restrictions removed. The dose restriction on the Symbicort 400/12 will remain.

The proposed changes will come into effect 1 March 2016 if approved.

We suggest you manage your stock very well between now and 1 March 2016 as the price decrease is significant on reasonable volumes.

Vannair 100/6 will reduce by 31.18%

Vannair 200/6 will reduce by 31.52%

Symbicort 100/6 will reduce by 31.85%

Symbicort 200/6 will reduce by 17.185

Symbicort 400/12 will reduce by 17.18%

Keep an eye on the Website Pharmac Tab for further updates.



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