ProPharma / PWR request your patience as we move through the supply issue of the above mentioned pharmaceutical.

As per our Mind Time article of 11 April 2019 and the PHARMAC DISPATCH of 10 April 2019 there are changes that will need to be managed by all.

Click here to read the Supply Update notification from MSD of 12 April 2019

Effective from 1 May 2019 the following will be listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule (notes provided with each):-

Sinemet Tab 100 mg with carbidopa 25 mg  100                                     Pharmacode 2429985  (only until existing stocks are depleted)

Kinson Tab 100 mg with carbidopa 25 mg 100                                        Pharmacode 2445425 (to be released once existing stocks of Sinemet 100/25 are depleted and will not be delisted in June 2019 as previously notified)

Sinemet Tab 250 mg with carbidopa 25 mg 100                                      Pharmacode 2429993 (MSD have sourced United States packaged stock which will transition into the supply chain using the existing Pharmacode)

Sinemet CR Tab 200 mg with carbidopa 50 mg 100                                 Pharmacode 2430002 (Stock is now exhausted at HCL. However stock may well remain in the supply chain at wholesale level for a longer period. On depletion of all stock you will need to switch to the half strength Mylan product available under Section 29 at least until August 2019 when PHARMAC anticipate having an alternative CR 200 mg/50 mg tablet available)

Levodopa LA Mylan Tab 100 mg with carbidopa 25mg 100                 Pharmacode 2566168 (will be available after 1 May 2019 but only released once all Sinemet CR has be cleared through the supply chain)

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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