Click here to read PHARMAC Dispatch notification relating to the supply issue of the above as follows:-

Montelukast- Apo Tab 4 mg 28                         Pharmacode 2511797

Montelukast- Apo Tab 5 mg 28                         Pharmacode 2511800

Montelukast- Apo Tab 10 mg 28           Pharmacode 2511789

Important to note that pharmacy have been requested to dispense monthly effective immediately and that the STAT (all-at-once rule) will be removed 1 July 2018 until further notice.

Based on this ProPharma have once again been proactive and placed all three products on allocation.

Allocation is 3 per customer per week.

Naturally this will not suit everyone, but we need to act responsibly, fairly and with integrity and trust (that will sound familiar but we walk the talk). If you have an issue with this please do not hesitate to contact your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

Click here to read Apotex notification of 3 July 2018 advising of the PHARMAC listing from 1 July 2018.

Montelukast Accord Tab 10 mg 28 Section 29         Pharmacode 2548321       Schedule price $5.65

Please continue to order the Apotex brand as stock remains available. Only when stocks are completely depleted should you order the Section 29 product.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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