Effective from 1 July 2019 PHARMAC listed TEMPORARILY the following two products and stock is now available from Mylan (will procure if needed):-

Femme-Tab ED 20/100, 112 pack        Pharmacode 2423634                      Schedule price $6.45

Femme-Tab ED 30/150, 112 pack        Pharmacode 2423642                     Schedule price $6.45

ProPharma / PWR have taken a proactive stance and placed a weekly allocation on the following existing products:-

Microgynon 20 ED Tab 84                       Pharmacode 2007509                    Schedule price $2.18                             Allocation of 3 per week per customer

Levlen ED Tab 84                                        Pharmacode  439118                    Schedule price $1.77                               Allocation of 10 per week per customer

We accept one size does not fit all, but in these instances we need to act on what stock remains available in the supply chain. By implementing these allocations we prevent stock piling, which can occur when product supply is necessarily assured.

There is a potential shortage for a short period between now and mid-August 2019, which if managed correctly will not expand into an out of stock situation. Should supply of either Levlen ED or Microgynon 20 ED look like being depleted before the resupply mid-August 2019, then we all have the fall back position of Femme-Tab.

If you feel this unduly impacts on what your pharmacy requires or needs then you MUST discuss this with your Sales Manager or Key Account Manager.

Our Customer Services Team DO NOT have authority to change allocation levels.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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