The saga of Temozolomide Capsules continues.

The following information has been provided by PHARMAC :

Temozolomide capsules

There is a supply issue for temozolomide cap 20 mg, 100 mg, 140 mg and 250 mg. PHARMAC has sourced an alternative supply of stock from Link Healthcare and need to have this listed urgently to allow patients to continue treatment. These products will be listed in Section B of the Pharmaceutical Schedule from tomorrow (Friday 15 November 2019).

Below are the details of the new listings – please note these products are not registered in New Zealand, so will be supplied under Section 29 and wastage will also apply to these listings:

Chemical and presentation Brand Pack Size Subsidy and price
(ex-man., ex. GST)
Temozolomide cap 20 mg Accord 14 $136.00 2579464
Temozolomide cap 100 mg Accord 14 $532.00 2579472
Temozolomide cap 140 mg Accord 5 $400.00 2579480
Temozolomide cap 180 mg Accord 14 $620.00 2579499
Temozolomide cap 250 mg Accord 5 $688.00 2579502

RxOne users: these new listings will be automatically updated by RxOne. If for some unforeseen circumstance it does not happen, please refer to the e-Noticeboard on the RxOne Start Menu for instructions.

TONIQ users: the new listings will automatically be updated in Toniq medicine databases from the effective date.

Please note that Ministry of Health Sector Operations Group will be unable to process claims for November 2019 dispensing of the above listings. Pharmacies can either hold these claims until December OR reclaim them in December when they are rejected for payment in November claims.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact PHARMAC at or call 0800 660 050.

Kind regards,
Lisa Williams
Director of Operations

Supply of the incumbent Orion Brand will be supplied until stock are depleted (we have requested information about what is available presently)

Unfortunately due to the Apotex and Accord products being Section 29 items we are not able to provide automatic replacements.

Only stock available via ProPharma / PWR at present is:-

Temozolomide Apo Cap 100 mg 5  S29           Pharmacode 2572338

Please access supply via our Section 29 section on our website.

We are working quickly to have the new Accord brand items listed and stock available as soon as practical.

We apologise for any inconvenience but it is well and truly out of our control.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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