Supplier has advised they only have short dated stock (Expiry 31 March 2020) of the above mentioned product. On that basis all purchases of 25mg Nozinan will be on an SOR basis (full packs only) until the alternative product is available.

Sanofi have submitted a dossier for the Swiss Nozinan product to Medsafe as an interim solution. The intention is that the Swiss pack will be provided under Section 23 of the Medicines Act – Provisional Consent. No additional paperwork will be required.

PHARMAC is also aware of the situation and subsidy will apply to the Swiss pack.

The stock is not yet available in New Zealand and will need rework, therefore at this time availability is unknown.

Current listings:-

Nozinan Tab 25 mg 100               Pharmacode 258024                                 Schedule price $16.10

Nozinan Tab 100 mg 100            Pharmacode 258032                                   Schedule price $41.75

Future listings:-

Nozinan Swiss Tab 25 mg 100    Pharmacode 2581760                               Schedule price $16.10

Nozinan Swiss Tab 100 mg 100 Pharmacode 2581779                               Schedule price $41.75

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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