Click here to read the latest PHARMAC DISPATCH involving the supply of the above mentioned product in all forms.

Also refer to our Mind Time article of 13 March 2019 relating to the above and in particular the notification from Mylan of the depletion of their Kinson Tab 100/25 and advising to revert to Sinemet Tab 100/25.

There has been an on-going allocation process in place from the supplier (MSD) for all Sinemet Tab, both immediate release and controlled release for some considerable time. There are to be further changes as per PHARMAC DISPATCH.

ProPharma / PWR have been proactive and have set an allocation against all Sinemet to all customers per week.

We accept one size does not fit all, but in these instances where very little if any notice is provided we need to act on what stock remains available in the supply chain.

If you feel this unduly impacts on what your pharmacy requires or needs then you MUST discuss this with your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

Our Customer Services Team DO NOT have the authority to change allocation levels.

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.


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