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Due to the supply issue, PHARMAC are funding the alternative pack size temporarily from 1 April 2019.

Gentamicin Inj 40 mg / ml 2 ml 50                    Pharmacode  2498588       Schedule Price $30.00

ProPharma / PWR currently have stock of the 10 pack. We ask that you do not stock pile and continue to order in your normal manner.

If stock is depleted we cannot automatically implement a replacement due to pack size difference. However we will at this stage PROCURE the 50 pack as and when required. Please take this into account when ordering.

Should the shortage become a long term issue then we will reconsider our position relating to procuring and may well hold limited stock in a central location.

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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