Click here to read the supplier notification regarding the above mentioned product. This is a relatively short term issue being 3 months.

ProPharma / PWR have again been proactive and have set in place an allocation of 1 per customer per week.

We accept one size does not fit all, but in these instances where very little if any notice is provided we need to act on what stock remains available in the supply chain.

If you feel this unduly impacts on what your pharmacy requires or needs then you MUST discuss this with your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

Our Customer Services Team DO NOT have the authority to change allocation levels.

Once the incumbent stock has sold we will switch to the temporarily listed:-

Gentamicin Teligent Inj 10mg/ml 2 ml 10 S29          Pharmacode 2584018 Schedule price $144.00

Please note as with all Section 29 products we are not able to accept credit returns, so please order with care.

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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