We have today been advised by the supplier of a short term supply issue for the above mentioned product. The notification is as follows:-

Please note that Sandoz is facing temporary supply constraints on Cefalexin Suspension 125mg 100ml  – HCL code 1082647   (Pharmacode 2332817)

Shipment of Cefalexin Suspension 125mg 100ml is now expected week commencing 15 October 2018 ( week 42)

On behalf of Sandoz I apologies for the inconvenience

  • We have adequate stock of Cefalexin Susp 250mg 100ml   HCL Code 1082648 (Pharmacode 2332825) available for ordering /substitution during this 3 week period if required
  • PHARMAC is aware of the situation
  • Please refer all Customer queries to our Sydney based Customer services team/ med info NZ Free phone number  0800 354 335 ( 10 am- 6:30pm NZ time )
  • Sandoz will work with our European plant so as to improve the ETA
  • Sandoz will air freight stock to NZ

Please do not stock pile as this does not assist in making the stock that is available last a little longer and available to a larger number of patients.

Until the supply issue is resolve ProPharma/PWR has implemented an allocation of 5 per customer per week.

We thank you in anticipation of your co-operation and ongoing support.

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