Further to our notification of 11 June 2019, PHARMAC have today advised that Bosentan Dr Reddy’s Tab 125 mg will move to monthly dispensing.

Click here to read the PHARMAC Dispatch of 8 July 2019.

The supplier has advised this product is currently out of stock until September 2019 as follows:-

Dr Reddys will be out of stock of the Bosentan Dr. Reddys Tab 125mg (2550075) until September

Pharmacist & Staff,

We are foreseeing going out of stock of  Bosentan Dr Reddy’s Tab 125 Mg (2550075) at our DHL distribution warehouse in Auckland by end of May 2019. The Wholesalers are currently stocked for 3 weeks and they will continue to service orders until stocks last. (stock is now depleted at wholesale level)

We had a delay in API procurement and manufacturing. We are working on supply of Bosentan Dr Reddy’s 125 Mg and will update you once the stock arrives in Auckland. We are working with PHARMAC to mitigate the impact and Dr Reddys has put in place processes to avoid the situation repeating in the future.  

PHARMAC advises that clinical advice supports using 2 x Bosentan Dr Reddy’s 62.5 Mg (2550067) as an alternative to 1 x  Bosentan Dr Reddy’s 125Mg (2550075).

PHARMAC note that where a pharmacy is unable to dispense Bosentan Dr Reddy’s 125Mg due to supply issues, the pharmacy can dispense 2 x Bosentan Dr Reddy’s 62.5 Mg, provided that the dose, frequency and/or total daily doses dispensed is not altered, per rule 3.4.2 of the Schedule Rules.  As the change results in an additional cost to the funder, then the pharmacist must annotate the Prescription with ‘Bosentan Dr Reddy’s 125Mg OOS’ or similar.


I take full responsibility for this and want to apologise and regret any inconvenience caused to you and your patients.

ProPharma / PWR have no stock of the 125 mg as of the date of this notice, therefore you will need to order and dispense 62.5 mg accordingly.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.




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