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Out of stock of Sumatriptan Inj 12mg per ml, 0.5ml cartridge

Actavis have advised us of manufacturing issues affecting the global supply of its brand of Arrow-Sumatriptan Injection 12mg per ml, 0.5ml cartridge. This means its stock is exhausted and while there may be limited stock in the supply chain, soon there will be no stock of this product available at pharmacy or wholesaler level. We are working with Actavis to resolve the supply issue as soon as possible. Supply of an alternative brand of sumatriptan (Sun Pharma) has been secured. Sun Pharma injection 12mg per ml, 0.5ml cartridge will be listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 January 2016 as a fully funded alternative to Arrow-Sumatriptan injection. Stock of Sun Pharma is expected to arrive mid-late January and other options for stock continue explored. The Sun Pharma brand is not registered and will be supplied under section 29 of the Medicines Act 1981.

The clinical advice we have received, from the Neurological Subcommittee (one of our expert clinical advisory Committees) is that alternative funded treatments for patients may include analgesics alone or in combination with anti-emetics, rizatriptan orodispersible tablets, sumatriptan tablets and ergotamine with caffeine tablets. If your patients need to change their treatment they will need to contact their prescriber.


At this time we are unable to advise if this will be available via wholesale under Section 29 or if you will once again be forced to trade direct to obtain supplies in a similar fashion to Sertraline Tabs 50mg 30

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