As you are all aware there are ongoing issues with supply for the following products:

Ensure Powder Chocolate 850 gm Pharmacode 2504324

Ensure Powder Vanilla 850 gm Pharmacode 2504316

Pediasure Powder Vanilla 850 gm Pharmacode 2457652

Fortisip Powder Vanilla 350 gm Pharmacode 2461005

All products are being allocated to us by the supplier and we have accordingly set allocations for the supply to pharmacy.

We ask you to understand this is not something we want to do, but that it is out of necessity. (Example would be Palm Nth last allocation of Ensure Chocolate 850 gm was 84 units – we have 62 accounts)

Unfortunately until the supply issue is resolved at the supplier end our allocations will remain in place.

Should you require further information please contact your local Branch Manager, Key Account Manager or Customer Services.






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