An Urgent Medicine Recall to Pharmacy level was issued 22 November 2016 for all batches of Span-K Tablets 600mg.

As a result of the recall there is no unaffected stock available.

Click here for the Pharmacist Recall Notification.

Due to this recall PHARMAC are listing an alternative product under Section 29 from 22 November 2016. Stock will be available as soon as practical. We advise that we had no prior notification and therefore no time to order stock.

Click here to read PHARMAC notification of 22 November 2016. Note that the Sole Supply on Span-K has been suspended until further notice.

Please note there is also a new Pharmacode 2513447 for SodiBic Caps 840mg 100, however stock under this new Pharmacode is not yet available. Please continue to order product using existing Pharmacode 2085992 and we will replace automatically.





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