Effective from 1 March 2018, PHARMAC increased the number of units available via PSO on the following products.

Mask for Spacer Device – e-chamber Mask               Pharmacode 2490099              from 20 to 50 (an outer is 50)

Peak Flow Meter – Mini-Wright AFS Low Range      Phamacode 2489945      from 10 to 25 (an outer is 12)

Peak Flow Meter – Mini-Wright Standard                  Phamacode 2489953                 from 10 to 25 (an outer is 12)

Spacer Device – e-chamber Turbo 220 ml                 Pharmacode 2490072     from 20 to 50 (an outer is 50)  

Spacer Device – e-chamber La Grande  510ml         Pharmacode 2490080     from 20 to 50 (an outer is 25)

Spacer Device – Volumatic Spacer 800 ml                 Pharmacode 529613       from 20 to 50 (an outer is 12)                               

We suggest where practical that Practitioner Supply Order be for Outers as shown in RED.  This not only makes simpler to pick, pack and store but you get the added benefit of the additional discount.

The exceptions are the two Peak Flow Meters which actually are supplied to us in cartons of 100, so we have applied what we determine a reasonable order level.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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