Click here to access a full list of price changes set to be implemented 1 October 2018 in the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

Price Increases (these are few and far between) we try to avoid implementation prior to 1 October 2018, however if our stocks are depleted and on re-ordering the manufacturer charges the new price (which they are entitled to do after 12th of preceding month), then we have no option but to pass this on.

Price Decreases we work hard to ensure suppliers provide price support from the close of trade on the 11th of preceding month and appreciate that most of them do provide this support. This enables us to REDUCE the price to pharmacy effective 12th of the preceding month (in this case 12 September 2018). By managing your stock this effectively provides you with a small window of opportunity to make a little extra between the 12th and the end of the month. Or at worst minimises your potential losses.

Price Changes 1st of preceding month (We show these as No Support, as that is effectively what happens) are a little more difficult to predict and we as your wholesaler of choice manage purchase of these lines down and at all times in an attempt to ensure we can reduce the price to pharmacy around the 12th of the preceding month. This is not guaranteed. These are items that the manufacturer has tendered for based on their reducing the price to wholesalers on the 1st of the month preceding the change in the Pharmaceutical Schedule. This is in preference to providing price support to the supply chain in the traditional manner. Basically they are shifting the responsibility from the supplier to the wholesaler.

Naturally where a supplier is losing the market and their product is being reference priced they are not obliged to reduce their price to match. Some do and some do not, but we also show these as No Support unless advised otherwise. In these instances we tend to run the product out as soon as practical and put a replacement in place.

Should you need clarification of any points please do not hesitate to contact your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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