Within the March Tender Results announced by PHARMAC on the 31st March 2017 there was good news relating to this product.

Effective from 1 August  2017 there will be an additional listing in the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

Pharmacare Paracetamol Tablets 500 mg 1000 Bottle.

This is truly beneficial to pharmacy in respect to Robotics and Medico packaging, by simply taking away the need to deblister. Time is money.

Price on listing of bottle presentation will be $6.32 ex-manufacturer.

Price for the blister pack will reduce from $8.50 to $7.12 ex-manufacturer in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 August 2017.

A reminder of the legislation around Paracetamol Tablet dispensing. We have included the following extract from the Medicines Act 1981.

37 Safety containers


No person shall sell any tablet, or other single item in solid form that is intended to be taken orally, being or comprising a medicine or belonging to a class of medicines to which this regulation applies, unless the tablet or item is enclosed in a safety container.


Subclause (1) shall not apply—


where an authorised prescriber directs, either on the prescription or otherwise,—


that a medicine is not to be sold enclosed in a safety container; or


that he or she does not wish the name of the medicine to appear on the label; or


where a pharmacist is of the opinion that, because of the age or infirmity of a particular person, a medicine to be used by that person should not be enclosed in a safety container; or


in the case of capsules, pills, powder, or other solid dose forms, prepared in a pharmacy with reference to the particular needs of a patient.




This regulation applies to the following medicines:

aspirin, and its salts; and medicines containing aspirin or its salts:

iron, in medicines for human use containing more than 24 milligrams of elemental iron per dose:

paracetamol; and medicines containing paracetamol.


This regulation applies to the following classes of medicines:


phenothiazine, and derivatives of phenothiazine and their salts, except dimethothiazine, methdilazine, promethazine, and trimeprazine, and their salts and molecular compounds:

tricyclic, tetracyclic, and analogous antidepressants.

Regulation 37(2)(a): amended, on 1 October 2005, by regulation 7 of the Medicines Amendment Regulations 2005 (SR 2005/255).

Regulation 37(2)(a)(ii): amended, on 11 October 2001, by regulation 9(b) of the Medicines Amendment Regulations 2001 (SR 2001/232).

Regulation 37(3): revoked, on 1 August 2011, by regulation 13 of the Medicines Amendment Regulations 2011 (SR 2011/245).



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