As per our Tips and PharmaNotes advice there is to be a change in the supplier following the Pharmac Tender announcement of 31 August 2015.

The new (old) product will be listed and available Fully Funded from 1 December 2015 with Reference Pricing applying if necessary from 1 February 2016 .

HML Supply Status will commence 1 February 2016.

Community Sole Supply commences 1 May 2016.

We have been advised by Pharmac that the supplier of the incumbent Oxycodone Orion (Max Health) have exhausted all their stock and there is potential for both Community Pharmacy and DHB Hospital’s to need to purchase the new brand prior to listing in the HML or Pharmaceutical Schedule. There is no issue for DHB’s but there will be for Community Pharmacy. Unless it is listed there is no funding or ability to claim.

We are to pre-warning you of this potential issue. Should it occur then we will advise further once we have had discussions with Pharmac and suppliers.

Oxycodone Inj 10mg per 1ml 1ml 5 Pharmacode 2405687 will move to Oxy Norm Inj 10mg per ml 1ml 5 Pharmacode 2248794

Oxycodone Inj 20mg per 2ml 2ml 5 Pharmacode 2405695 will move to Oxy Norm Inj 10mg per ml, 2ml 5 Pharmacode 2248786

If you have on going requirements you may want to order now to ensure continuity of supply and funding.

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