With the advent of a brand change we have had to reconsider the OUTER PACK size.

Initially we left it the same as it was for Omezol Relief which were all shrink wrapped outers of 12.

However the new brand does not come shrink wrapped and there is absolutely no efficiency in picking lots of 12 at the new schedule and subsidised price, nor unpacking them at the other end.

Therefore until something changes from the supplier side ProPharma and PWR will be implementing actual outers as supplier to us as follows:-

Omeprazole-Actavis Caps 10 mg  90 = Outer will be 60

Omeprazole-Actavis Caps 20 mg  90 = Outer will be 60

Omeprazole-Actavis Caps 40 mg  90 = Outer will be 40 (changed from 48)

All of the above are Low Cost Medicines and therefore we suggest in all sincerity that you consider purchasing in Outer’s only to gain the additional 1.65%, even if the stock may last 2 to 3 months.

Remember all LCM are supplied at manufacturer cost plus 10%. The only discount applicable is the Outer Pack.

This is not something we have done without complete consideration and analysis on how this effects both us and our customers.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

Should you wish to discuss this matter please feel free to contact your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

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