PHARMAC have advised of a mid-month listing for the new packaging of   Neulastim pre-filled syringes 6 mg per 0.6 ml.

There are now two packs as shown in the photographs.

When ordering earlier in the year we had received new packaging which was under a new Pharmacode.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we only had one listing being Pharmacode 2265478. There had been no notification of any change from the supplier. We contacted PHARMAC and discussed this matter at the time.

We were advised at the time that Pharmacy were able to dispense the new where necessary under the old Pharmacode as the patient should not be refused medication. Also Pharmacy will be reimbursed this month rather than waiting for payment a further month.

There are a few packs of the old still available and should be purchased and dispensed before the new.

Escitalopram Tab 10 mg 28

Due to supply issues with the current AirFlow brand there will be a new listing effective from 16 January 2017.

Escitalopram Accord Tab 10 mg 28 is listed from 16 January 2017 and stock will be available as soon as practical. This is the first notification we have received relating to this issue.

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