In November 2018 changes were introduced to the supply and availability of Insulin Pumps and Consumables.

ProPharma and NZMS have worked diligently to manage the transition which has from most aspects gone very well.

Now there needs to be some re-education on some matters. In association with NZMS we are providing the following information so that we all have a far better understanding of key points and processes.

Special Authority Numbers

There are two separate Special Authority numbers provided by PHARMAC.

One is for insulin pump consumables and one is for the insulin pump itself.

NZMS are often receiving an order for a pump but the SA number is for consumables.  This poses a problem for the pharmacy when they attempt to claim for the pump which has a reimbursement price of $4,500 and it is declined by PHARMAC because the SA number is not for a pump.

NZMS recommend that pharmacists check for their own benefit primarily but also the patient the SA number is for a pump and not consumables before they place the order.

Stock On Hand of Insulin Pumps

NZMS understand that there have been several instances where pharmacists check the stock level of the Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump with wholesalers and when they see that there is no stock do not process the order. (Please review the ProPharma Website Procurements)

Wholesalers DO NOT carry stock of Insulin Pumps as there are specific requirements for the supply. They can only be supplied on a named patient basis and all details that are requested on the PROCUREMENT form must be supplied. This allows for patient training which is a requirement of supply.

Pharmacy can order insulin pumps on receipt of a prescription and correct SA number via the ProPharma Website Procurements. This order is then sent to NZMS on a Procure basis, and will be dispatched with priority directly to the directly for dispensing to the patient.

You need to allow up to 5 business working days for normal delivery.

Patients usually already have transition appointments booked when they present the script and not receiving the insulin pump in time can result in a cancelled appointment and an unhappy patient. Hence the need for NZMS to continue to send all Insulin Pumps direct to Pharmacy and prevent any delays.

Procure Orders

NZMS had advised that they would no longer be able to accept Procure Orders for Insulin Pumps or Consumables from 1st March 2019. However following further consideration NZMS will provide the Tandem Insulin Pumps on a Procure basis direct to Pharmacy.

 Pharmacy MUST order all consumables directly from the wholesaler without exception and Insulin Pumps via Procurements Form with full details being provided.

Click here to access the full consumables listing. Please do not send orders to NZMS directly. This is provided as a reference list only.

Any orders for consumables received by NZMS will be passed back to wholesale for supply potentially creating a delay in supply unnecessarily due to the process not being followed.

Animas Consumable Swap

NZMS Diabetes has an agreement with PHARMAC that they will swap a limited supply of Animas consumables for customers who have transitioned to the Tandem.  Pharmacists are not involved in this process and we request that patients are directed to if they have any questions regarding this

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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