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The Ministry of Health have reclassified a specific range of medications to Restricted Medicines (Pharmacist Only), and in one specific case to Prescription Only.

Click here to access a listing of products that are affected by the reclassification. This listing is from the previous Medsafe document and may not list all affected products.

Major changes have occurred since the original information was advised relating to the extension of the transition periods for all affected products.

1 – Manufacturers will cease supplying wholesalers with old packaging/labelling of all effected products by 25 August 2019.

2 – Wholesalers are unable to supply any of the medicines re-classified from 25 August 2019 with old Pharmacy Medicine packaging/labelling.

3 – Pharmacists must cease selling or dispensing the affected old packaging/labelling by 25 February 2020.

Given that we are now well and truly in to Winter, Pharmacy should have sold all existing stock of the listed products, albeit under the Pharmacist Only criteria, in all cases except Gee’s Linctus which went directly to Prescription Only.

We are unable to accept any products involved in this reclassification for credit. Please do not return stock as a refusal may offend and that is not our intention.

Gee’s Linctus

API have advised (6 March 2019) that they will DISCONTINUE Gees Linctus 200 ml and Opiate Squill Linctus 2L effective 25 August 2019 (you can continue dispense the current product with Pharmac y Medicine labelling until 25 February 2020)

Wholesalers therefore will manage stock accordingly as we must sell through all current Pharmacy Only labelled stock no later than 25 August 2019. API has advised they have significant supplies of the 200 ml presentation, which has been selling very well with GP’s prescribing. If you wish to have stock for dispensing through until 25 February 2020, then you need to order this prior to 25 August 2019.After that date there will be no product available.

ProPharma / PWR will hold stock in two centralised locations only – Auckland (AK01) and Christchurch (CH01). Your orders will be supplied from these two locations only and we will not be supplying stock between islands.

Finally, a reminder that you can sell all of the products containing Dextromethorpan with current Pharmacy Medicine labelling, under the Pharmacist Only criteria until 25 February 2020.

You can also dispense Gee’s Linctus with the Pharmacy Medicine labelling until 25 February 2020.

Please refer to the below website.

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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