PHARMAC Tender results of 31 August 2016 will result in new suppliers for the above mentioned products currently supplied by Multichem.

Click here to read Multichem notification of Price Decreases effective immediately.

By continuing to purchase the incumbent brand (Multichem) you will make significant additional margin on all 6 products listed for period from 14 December 2016 to 28 February 2017, purely based on ex-manufacturer price change.

Pharmacode 2320541 – increased margin 51.61% (Sodium Chloride)

Pharmacode 2320568 – increased margin 49.56% (Sodium Chloride)

Pharmacode 2249200 – increased margin 58.38% (Sodium Chloride)

Pharmacode 2208318 – increase margin 48.78% (Water for Injection)

Pharmacode 2208326 – increased margin 48.44% (Water for Injection)

Pharmacode 2208334 – increased margin 46.15% (Water for Injection)

It does not stop there.

You can continue to purchase and dispense the Multichem products above and continue to make additional margin after reference pricing is applied 1 March 2017 until delisting 1 June 201, purely based on ex-manufacturer price change.

Remember any additional margin for your business is very important, and this could not be easier.

Pharmacode 2320541 – margin better by 25.00% (Sodium Chloride)

Pharmacode 2320568 – margin better by 12.52% (Sodium Chloride)

Pharmacode 2249200 – margin better by 30.00% (Sodium Chloride)

Pharmacode 2208318 – margin better by 25.00% (Water for Injection)

Pharmacode 2208326 – margin better by 12.52% (Water for Injection)

Pharmacode 2208334 – margin better by 30.00% (Water for Injection)

We encourage you to continue to purchase these products and this brand until 1 June 2017 or until stock are depleted, whichever comes first.

There is not simpler way to improve your bottom line.

NOTE: ProPharma will implement automatic substitution once stocks are depleted.



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