There is impending change in the wind as incumbent brand has been discontinued and replaced by an new brand.


Trichozole Tab 200 mg 100        Pharmacode 282251        Schedule price $10.45

Trichozole Tab 400 mg 100        Pharmacode 309923        Schedule price $18.15

New brand:

Metrogyl Tab 200 mg 250           Pharmacode 2580071     Schedule price $36.35

Metrogyl Tab 400 mg 21             Pharmacode 2580098     Schedule price $5.55

ProPharma / PWR have stock of both the incumbent products and ask that you continue to order these products until supply has been depleted.

We will not release Metrogyl until all stocks of Trichozole have moved through the supply chain. At that time we will implement automatic replacement.

Please note pack size changes in both strengths.

We thank you in anticipation of your assistance and look forward to your continued support.

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