A new listing of Metoprolol Tartrate came into effect 1 June 2016.

Metoprolol-Apo Tab 50 mg 100 Pharmacode 2499746.

Metoprolol-Apo Tab 100 mg 60 Pharmacode 2499754.

These will ultimately replace:

Lopresor Tab 50 mg 100 Pharmacode 680915

Lopresor Tab 100 mg  60 Pharmacode 2104105

Reference pricing does not come into effect until 1 August 2016 and we have stock which we naturally would like to move through the supply chain. If you use this regularly and can purchase and use stock before end of July then we ask you to support us in this process.

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Stock is readily available of both brands, but we do need you help is selling through our remaining stock.

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