After almost a full year we are continuing to have some issue with the supply of Metoprolol Succinate Controlled Release Tablets. Overall I believe the management of supply has been very reasonable and from a wholesaler perspective managed extremely fairly.

There is no issue with 47.5 mg, 95 mg or 190 mg if you are or have been following our suggestions from not only a supply issue but more importantly from a Pharmacy Profitability point.

Those are to dispense Betaloc CR 47.5 mg and 95 mg until further notice and where practical rather than dispense 190 mg AFT brand dispense 2 x 95 mg Betaloc. While we have stock of 190 mg AFT brand it is limited and therefore we consider it relevant to allow the Robotics users to have first dibs on this stock on an allocation basis. If you desperately require the 190 mg please discuss with your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

We have one remaining issue – 23.75 mg. There are very limited stocks of AFT brand available and again we are trying to ration these fairly, but those using Robotics are being given a small advantage. Many robotic supplies go to the elderly in rest homes and therefore we are working as a total team to ensure they take the correct medication and a complete tablet. (If you require 23.75 mg now to dispense half tablets to you patients, then please contact your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager)

Where as in the community you are better able to explain to your patient where required to take half a tablet daily or whatever, so you could dispense 47.5 mg AFT brand in these instance. Once again if you require stock of the AFT brand 47.5 mg for this purpose please ask your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

Good news in the 23.75 mg market is that Pharmac are listing Myloc CR Tabs Pharmacode 2176415  (which is scored and therefore can be halved where required)from 1 November 2016, however stock will not be available until mid-November 2016. Keep an eye on Mind Time or Website for further updates as supply issues are resolved or improved.


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