We encourage all pharmacies to read this and to assist us to put in place an improved process which we hope will reduce what has been a significantly increased workload for wholesale and pharmacy.

After more than 12 months we are continuing to have some issues with the supply of Metoprolol Succinate Controlled Release Tablets. We have done our best to manage the limited supply from a wholesaler perspective fairly, but at a significant cost.

There is less of a supply issue with the 47.5 mg, 95 mg and 190 mg if you are or have been following our suggestions from not only a supply issue but more importantly from a Pharmacy Profitability point.

Those suggestions are to dispense Betaloc CR 47.5 mg and 95 mg until further notice and where practical rather than dispense 190 mg AFT brand dispense 2 x 95 mg Betaloc. Betaloc CR will remain fully funded until further notice and you can order daily or as required via your normal ordering process.

Many are already following this process and we thank you and encourage more to take on these suggestions where possible. We feel confident enough that you will continue to do so, that we are making a change to the management of all but the 23.75 mg.

Effective from 22 November 2016 we will change from Manual Allocations (where we send what we have) to Electronic Allocations (where you can order in your regular orders) for Metoprolol CR AFT Tablets 47.5 mg 90, 95 mg 90 and 190mg 90. The allocation level will vary from branch to branch. We will need to monitor this and if it is not working, we will need to revert back to manual allocation, something we do not want to have to do. If you do not need to order, then please refrain from doing so. By using Betaloc CR as often as possible and having small amounts of AFT back up stocks we should be able manage our way through without any further manual intervention. We ask you not to stock pile as we are getting weekly stock drops and stock piling will affect our ability to implement the electronic system.

Please understand we are not out of the woods yet. We all need to make changes to our supply and dispensing to avoid further supply restrictions.

That leaves us the one remaining issue – 23.75 mg. There are limited stocks of both AFT and Mylan (Myloc) brands available and these will remain on Manual Allocation. We are trying to ration these fairly, but as instructed to us, those using Robotics for Rest Home supply will be given first consideration. Many robotic supplies go to the elderly in rest homes and therefore we are working as a total team to ensure they take the correct medication and a complete tablet. (If you require 23.75 mg to dispense half tablets to your patients, then please contact your Account Manager and we will help where we can but be aware supply for this dose is very restricted)

In the community you are better placed to be able to explain to your patient where required to take half a tablet daily or whatever, so you could dispense 47.5 mg AFT brand in these instances.

Click here to read the latest Understanding Allocations and also a list of which products are affected. Believe us the list keeps changing and growing.

To make life simpler for all can we suggest you contact customer services or your account manager when you are in desperate need of 23.75 mg Metoprolol CR.

Thank you for your time and please understand this is a difficult time for all.

Please keep an eye on Mind Time and/or Website for further updates as supply issues are changed, resolved or improved.


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