The supply issue has been managed very well by the team of ProPharma and PWR. In most cases (not all) pharmacy have been able to obtain Metoprolol succinate throughout the period of the supply issue to date. Maybe not always exactly what you wanted, but stock all the same.

I would like to express thanks to all those involved in our branches in making this work as well as it has. I know it has been very trying but we have done an excellent job.

Click here to read the latest dispatch from PHARMAC relating to this and other issues.

Basically we are not out of the woods yet and we cannot see a clear path forward. However with Pharmacy being prudent and not stock piling there should be sufficient stock to go around.

ProPharma and PWR have set a stock allocation on Metoprolol AFT CR Tab 47.5 mg, 95 mg and 190 mg 90 packs. This will be monitored to ensure there is not an artificial spike in demand. That stock allocation is set to a specific amount per pharmacy per week and may vary between branches. With the Xmas period almost upon us, if you need stock greater than the allocation, then please discuss this with your Branch Manager or Key Account Manager. You can be assured we will do all we can to accommodate all.

At present the only one we are managing on scarce supply is the Myloc CR Tab 23.75 mg 30 and as per PHARMAC notification quantities remain limited. You can help us by using Betaloc CR 47.5 mg (or AFT brand but that will be at a cost) and halving them for patients who you can directly advise. For those in Rest Homes or genuinely on a half 23.75 mg tablet there will be limited supplies. Each Branch will be managing this stock closely and may either do an allocation or request an email from you advising your actual needs.

Only for the 23.75 mg tablets.

Finally for your own benefit and as previously advised we would ask that you continue to use Betaloc CR Tab 47.5 mg 30 and 95 mg 30 until stocks are depleted. No repackaging and better margin overall.

PHARMAC have provided a full list of all those items listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule, but please note not all of them are available at present.

By working together we can help eliminate the non-compliance that has become apparent since the introduction of Monthly Dispensing.

Thanking you in anticipation of our co-operation.





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