Good news.

We have today taken off our allocations and stock will be readily available without the restrictions or allocations.

We are currently processing new orders on AFT for stock to ensure we have sufficient to meet market needs.

PLEASE do not stock pile and there is no real need.

Stock that is available at present is as follows:

Myloc CR Tab 23.75 mg 30 Pharmacode 2376415

Myloc CR Tab 95 mg 30 Pharmacode 2376431

Myloc CR Tab 190 mg 30 Pharmacode 2376458

Metroprolol-AFT CR Tab 23.75 mg 90 Pharmacode 2482673

Metoprolol-AFT CR Tab 47.5 mg 90 Pharmacode 2482746

Metoprolol-AFT CR Tab 95 mg 90 Pharmacode 2482681

Metoprolol-AFT CR Tab 190 mg 90 Pharmacode 2482703

NOTE: We ask that where practical you order the Myloc CR range, which will save repackaging therefore time and cost.

This is a positive response to long supply issue.

Should you wish to discuss please feel free to contact your local Branch Manager, Key Account Manager or one of our well informed Customer Services Team.

We will not accept stock back for credit of any of the above products.

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