As you will clearly identify from the title we have lost count of the number of updates we have had to send out.

It is an issue which we have taken very seriously and we can assure you has been handled taking into account fairness for all.

Plus at a very high cost.

Click here to read the latest Dispatch from Pharmac in relation to the supply issue.

We have taken issue with this notification in that it is very mis-leading and not at all factual.

We have not at any stage received any full orders, they are all being allocated on a basis that makes no sense to us at all.

An example of this is we only received partial supply of the Metoprolol CR  Tabs 95 mg 90’s this week but had ordered all strengths.

Someone is playing a silly game and we want to ensure you it is not ProPharma or PWR

Until further notice we will continue to allocate on the same basis as we have for the last two weeks. Allocations will depend entirely on our allocations from AFT.

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