Metoprolol CR Supply Issues

We need your help and understanding and patience – please.

AFT are rationing supply to wholesale and therefore we are taking the responsible position of rationing from a wholesaler perspective. To do this we have put this on Scarce supply which means you order it today and we will release next day stock permitting. The maximum allocation has been set to an outer of the strength and pack size for efficiency and handling.

23.75 mg 90 = 6

47.5 mg 30 = 10

47.5 mg 90 = 4

95 mg  90 = 4

190 mg 30 = 5

Both the 23.75 mg and 95 mg 30 packs are depleted and we will be rationing 90 packs effective immediately.

Stock of 47.5 mg 30 have been depleted at the supplier end but there are stocks remaining in the supply chain (they are also on ration). Once depleted we will ration the 90 pack.

The 190 mg 30 Pharmacode 2304996 remains available on ration and we have no timeline for the introduction of the 90 packs at this time.

We appreciate your desire to fill the scripts, but keep in mind that this is MONTHLY DISPENSING and if managed correctly we should all get through.

Please be a little more tolerant for a few more weeks.

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