As you are all fully aware there is an impending change from a 30 pack to 90 pack for the AFT Metoprolol CR all strengths.

Without going into all the specific details the changes are slowly occurring as I type.

Both the 23.75 mg and 95 mg 30 packs are depleted and we will be supplying 90 packs effective immediately.

However the 47.5 mg 30 Pharmacode 2304961 and 190 mg 30 Pharmacode 2304996  remain available and we have no timeline for the introduction of the 90 packs.

Should you wish to avoid potential additional costs relating to repackaging due to Monthly Dispensing, then I would suggest you consider purchasing extra stock of both 47.5 mg and 190 mg while stocks last. Our price has been reduced to match the 90 pack price for both of these strengths on a pro-rata basis.

NOTE: Your existing stocks of Metoprolol CR purchased prior to the price change 13 April 2016 will need to be dispensed before 30 April 2106 to avoid losses that will be incurred due to Reference Pricing.

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