As per the Pharmac notification of 8 July 2016 supplies of the 23.75 mg and 95 mg will begin to be distributed by AFT the week of 11th July 2016.

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Just so that everyone is in the picture, there are very distinctive differences in the dimensions of the 23.75 mg and also the shape of the 95 mg.

23.75 mg AFT  – Length 9.08mm, Width 5.06mm and Thickness 3.28mm

23.75 mg Actavis – Length 11.56mm, Width 5.8mm and Thickness 4.06mm

The 95 mg goes from a capsule shape to a triangular shape.

We will continue to allocate stock in the foreseeable future and ask that you work with us to make this as easy as possible. That would include not ordering stock electronically in your orders as this simply requires us to go in and delete all back orders before we can process our allocations and dispatch to you.

Please also note that we do not control the supply from the supplier – we simply get an allocation from them and there is no changing that process at present.

Like pharmacy in many instances we do not feel we get sufficient but we do make the best use of what we do receive.

Thanks for your co-operation in relation to this issue.

Note: There will be very limited supplies of Betaloc CR 23.75 mg and 95 mg 30 packs from 1 August 2016


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