As advised in the Tender Results for April 2017, PHARMAC have award the tender for Allopurinol to DP brand.

New listing will be from 1 November 2017 at significantly reduced prices and therefore margin variation for NZ Pharmacy. (With some you will lose more, but by supporting ProPharma that is reduced)

New from 1 November 2017

Allopurinol-DP Tab 100 mg 500                       Pharmacode 2515849                  Schedule Price $4.54

Allopurinol-DP Tab 300 mg 500                        Pharmacode 2515857                   Schedule Price $10.35

Incumbent brand until 1 January 2018 (Reference Pricing)

Allopurinol-Apotex Tab 100 mg 1000  Pharmacode 2511878                   Schedule Price $15.11 (stock will be depleted before reference pricing is applied – please continue to order this brand and we will automatically replace)

Allopurinol-Apotex Tab 300 mg 500    Pharmacode 2511886                   Schedule   Price $15.91 (with support from Apotex, ProPharma have reduced the price effective from 24th October 2017 to match the reference pricing being applied 1 January 2018. This enables you to make good margins until 1 January and continue to dispense without additional losses until 1 April 2018)

ProPharma will automatically replace on depletion of stock.

This is another opportunity for you to gain some additional margin with little or no effort.

Click here to view the analysis which clearly demonstrates the gains you will make.

Click here to access the order form.

Stocks are limited so we strongly suggest you action the attached order form. All orders received on this form will be post-dated 1 November 2017.

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