Boucher and Muir (Concordia) have alerted us to a supply issue for its brand of levothyroxine 100mcg (Pharmacode 2307758). Briefly, they have exhausted their stock, with new stock due to arrive on Sunday 25 June. Allowing several days for customs and shipping, stock may not be available until late next week.

Providing we do not stock piling or panic buy then we may well get through.

Other fully funded brands remain available and if the prescription is not brand specific you can switch to an alternative.

We have implemented an allocation of 10 packs per week per customer where stocks remain available and where they are depleted will replace with 50 mcg which will enable your patients to remain on the same brand  to avoid any issues.

Pharmacists can substitute 2 x 50mcg as an alternative if the 100mcg is not available (provided it does not alter the dose, frequency, total daily doses). As this will result in additional cost to the DHB, pharmacists need to annotate the prescription that the 100mcg was out of stock and initial the change for the purposes of audit. (Section A, Rule 5.7).

We apologise for any inconvenience and are managing this with your best interest in mind.

If you have any queries, please contact PHARMAC on 0800 660 050





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