This is another change that we are managing in a similar fashion to all others.

That is we want to exit the product in a timeframe that allows pharmacy to also exit and transition seamlessly to the new product.

However we would not traditionally automatically replace a small pack with a larger pack as is the case with these products.

On this occasion we have taken the option of replacing Solox with Lanzol. This is on the basis that we believe pharmacy have ordered Lansoprazole because they require it and with the low value of product we are better to provide something rather than nothing.

If you receive stock and it is excess to requirements please feel free to return product for full credit.

Changes are:

Solox Caps 15mg 28 Pharmacode 2055163 move to Lanzol Caps 15mg  100 Pharmacode 2482533

Solox Caps 30mg 28 Pharmacode 2043661 move to Lanzol Caps 30mg 100 Pharmacode 2482541

Reference pricing will apply from 1 January 2016, in which case you need to ensure all your stocks of Solox have been dispensed and claimed before that date.


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