PHARMAC announced 11 April 2019 that Lamotrigine was to move to one funded brand effective 1 October 2019.

This will provide an opportunity for pharmacy to provide / offer patients the opportunity to remain on their existing medication (Lamotrigine-Arrow).

Click here to read the notification from the supplier Teva.

ProPharma / PWR have prepared an analysis (based on OP Dispensing) to show what the potential cost per month to the patient would be. This analysis is based on an NSS mark up of 25% for the purpose the analysis only. We cannot and will not advise pharmacy on what mark-up they should apply. That is up to each individual. You can also consider STAT dispensing as those rules do not apply to NSS items.

You must be fully aware of the current market activities and your competitors undertaking to provide NSS prescription items at the lowest price to patients. Patients can now have their prescriptions dispensed from outside their home town. So ensure you do not simply allow this market to grow at your cost.

Click here to access the analysis. Our Sales Managers and Key Account Managers will be able to provide further analysis based on your preferred mark-up.

By providing this information now it allows ample time for you to discuss the potential change with your patients, avoiding another media outburst as we saw with venlafaxine. Click here to read the Guyon Espiner RNZ article of 27 May 2019. Our industry does not need a repeat of that sort of publicity.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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