30 April 2015 PHARMAC awarded the tender for the above mentioned chemical entity to Isotane (Mylan) .

Isotane was listed 1 September 2015 at a significantly lesser price than the then incumbent Oratane.

Reference pricing was applied from 1 November 2015.

Sole Supply was to commence 1 February 2016, but due to supply issues this was deferred until further notice. Fortunately Douglas were able to continue to supply the market (albeit at the lower reference price) until supply could be reinstated by Mylan.

Mylan have now indicated that they are now able to come back into stock.

Douglas is forecasting that their stock of Oratane Cap 10 mg (Pharmacode 2400286) and 20 mg (Pharmacode 2400278) will run out on 15 November 2017.

Please be assured ProPharma /PWR will switch automatically as stocks are depleted.

We will await further instruction from PHARMAC relating to Sole Supply and will advise accordingly.

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