Effective from 1 August 2016 Pharmac listed and fully funded Betaloc CR Tab 47.5mg and 95 mg 30 pack. 

PHARMAC  also listing – Myloc CR 23.75 mg 30, Myloc CR 95 mg 30 and Myloc CR 190 mg 30 at different times. The following is what is in the Pharmaceutical Schedule as at 1 February 2017.



These actions and listings were to ensure continuity of supply and would be available, fully funded until further notice.

At this stage Metoprolol succinate tablets remain on monthly dispensing.

Keep in mind also there is a current RFP in place from PHARMAC which may change what is happening in the future.


ProPharma / PWR have stock of Betaloc CR Tab 95 mg 30 representing approximately 1.5 weeks stock based on current volumes. (Note: Betaloc CR Tab 47.5 mg stocks are depleted and you will need to switch back to Metoprolol CR- AFT Tab 47.5 mg 90, thus adding to your cost of containers and time  on a very small margin)

Once the Betaloc CR Tab 95 mg 30 stocks are depleted there will be no further stock of this product and you will need to change. We strongly recommend at this stage you move to Myloc CR Tab 95 mg 30 which will save on packaging and time.

Until all our stock of Betaloc CR Tab 95 mg has sold through, ProPharma and PWR will not supply AFT Metoprolol CR Tab 95 mg or 190 mg for normal pharmacy dispensing.  Continue to dispense Betaloc equivalents. In the case of 190 mg you will have to double the dose of Betaloc 95mg.  This should not create any issue.

Please order Betaloc CR Tab 95 mg 30 now to avoid missing out on this final opportunity.


Currently stock of Myloc CR Tab 23.75 mg 30 and 95 mg 30 are available but on allocation. We have also placed orders for Myloc CR Tab 190 mg 30 and once available these will be supplied in preference to the Metoprolol-AFT CR Tab 190 mg 90 purely on a convenience and cost basis for pharmacy. PHARMAC advise AFT and Myloc brands will continue to be supplied this year, pending consultation/notification of any results of the RFP for ongoing supply.

If you have issues with the supply and allocation of these 2 strength’s, then please contact your local Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.



We advise we have stock of all strengths and they are available on allocation. However we do reiterate we must sell through all Betaloc CR 95 mg 30, Myloc CR Tab 23.75 mg 30, Myloc CR Tab 95 mg 30 and Myloc CR Tab 190 mg 30 (once supplied) before releasing stock further. Please also consider the added cost to your business of repackaging and time when you finally switch to the 90 packs

If you have any concerns or want further clarification please contact your local Branch Manager or Key Account Manager.

ProPharma & PWR have dedicated a significant level of resource to ensure that this product shortage is managed as well as possible (not always the one of choice) throughout this period of disruption. We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Finally as stock of the various alternatives are exhausted, we will implement automatic replacement to another product which may well be 90 packs. We are taking this stance to ensure you at least get stock of the strength you have ordered. It is a not a high value medicine and if you feel you have more than you need them please return for credit.

Betaloc CR cannot be returned for credit.

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