Pharmac recently awarded HML to Midazolam-Claris at a substantially lower price than the currently listed Hypnovel and Midazolam-Pfizer, both of which will be delisted from the HML 1 December 2016 .

There is also a proposal before the board to list the Midazolam-Claris in Section B for 1 December 2016. That is yet to be considered, but we believe will occur to keep the Pharmaceutical Schedule and the HML more aligned. “This proposal would not result in any changes to the listings of the Hypnovel or Pfizer Midazolam brands of midazolam injection in Section B of the Pharmaceutical Schedule.” – quoted from the proposal of 6 September 2016

The supplier of Hypnovel (Roche) has advised on the 29th September 2016 that they are reducing the price from 12 October 2016 to ensure that customers pay no more for Hypnovel brand compared to others listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule. The price will reduce in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 November 2016.

Please be advised that the supplier is not providing any price support for SOH as at 12 October 2016, therefore we are unable to reduce the price until existing supplies have been depleted.

We also consider 2 week’s notice of a price change is unacceptable and unrealistic and not at all manageable in our trading environment.


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