As advised via PHARMAC Tender 29 August 2018 there is to be only one brand Fully Funded from 1 October 2019.

All brands (Lamictal, Lamotrigine-Arrow & Logem) have been DUAL listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 May 2019 to 30 September 2019.

From 1 October 2019 the only Fully Funded brand for these strengths will be Logem.

Both GSK and Teva have advised that their products will remain available for the Private Market and both companies will implement new pricing from 1 October 2019, which may make it possible for patients to stay on their existing brand. Both Lamictal and Lamotrigine-Arrow Private Market analysis are in Mind Time for you to access. By having this information available you have at least been able to talk to patients and give them an option.

ProPharma /PWR will not implement automatic replacement in this instance as there may well be a Private Market for either Lamictal or Lamotrigine-Arrow. There is also the fact that two strengths fall into the Low Cost Medicine group which have different pricing criteria.

We ask that you take special care when ordering Lamotrigine 1 October 2019.

In association with both GSK and Teva we have been supplying stock on a Sale or Return basis and will continue to do so until 30 September 2019. At that time you will need to access your needs for both of these brands and return any excess stock (full packs only) for credit no later than 11th October 2019. We will not be able to transact late credit returns as we also have a timeline for returns to suppliers.

ProPharma / PWR will make a commercial decision in relation to stock holding, which due to sales demand will lead to a reduction in stock holding of the non-funded brands.

Unfortunately with the PHARMAC decision to have both new and incumbent products listed and fully funded until the commencement of the sole supply 1 October 2019 we need to act in the best interest of the company, pharmacy and patient.

The patient will need to change (unless they wish to fund their existing medication).

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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