Unfortunately we have once again come across a supply issue over which we have no control.

BNM were awarded the Tender for O/W Fatty Emulsion Cream 500 gm with stock initially expected along with the listing in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 November 2015.

This did not happen and the previous supplier Jaychem had already put in place an exit strategy to ensure no losses from holding stock which could not be sold.

At present the situation is that we are expecting rationed stock from BNM this week and each subsequent week until the main shipment arrives in mid- December 2015. Stock is being air freighted, as a consequence supplies are limited. Price and Subsidy is $2.25 ex manufacturer.

Jaychem are also setting up to make one further batch and that should be available early December 2015. Again only limited stock, but at the existing Pharmaceutical Schedule price of $2.63 ex manufacturer.

Due to these above factors product will be on scarce supply until continuity of supply is ensured. All backorders will be cancelled and product will be released on the scarce supply basis pending stock availability.

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