Effective from 1 August  2015 there will be a significant part charge applied to Ezetrol and all variants of Vytorin. This is being applied by way of reference pricing to Ezemibe and Zimybe.

We have limited stocks of Ezetrol and Vytorin which will show you a better $ margin than the new product. However it is in your best interest to manage your stock and eliminate all potential risk. You do not have to change immediately and in fact should not unless your usage is minimal. Keeping your $ margin for as long as possible is in your best interest.

Work with us to clear our stock now and then we will automatically substitute the new product once our stocks have sold through.

Neither  ProPharma or Pharmacy should have any stock of Ezetrol or Vytorin after 31 July 2015.

Once our existing stock are sold these product will be available on a PROCURE basis only.

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