New listings in both Section B & Section H (HML) of the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 April 2017.


Enlafax XR Cap 37.5 mg  84 Pharmacode 2509210,



Enlafax XR Cap 75 mg 84 Pharmacode 2509229 and


Enlafax XR Cap 150 mg 84 Pharmacode 2509237 will then have HSS status 1 June 2017 and CSS status from 1 September 2017.

(Note – no listing for 225 mg strength going forward.)

Reference pricing will apply from 1 June 2017 which will see the Pharmaceutical Schedule Subsidy pricing DECREASE as follows:


Efexor XR Cap 37.5 mg 28 to $2.13 (-62.57%) – Special Authority removed.


Efexor XR Cap 75 mg 28 to $2.70 (-76.32%) – Special Authority removed.


Efexor XR Tab 150 mg 28 to $3.72 (-73.39%) – Special Authority removed.


Venlafaxine XR-Arrow Tab 37.5 mg 28 to $2.13 (-57.91%)


Venlafaxine XR-Arrow Tab 75 mg 28 to $2.70 (-58.07%)


Venlafaxine XR-Arrow Tab 150 mg 28 to $3.72 (-58.01%)


Venlafaxine XR-Arrow Tab 225 mg 28 to $8.10 (-43.51)

At the time of this notification we can advise that Pfizer will be providing Price Support for Efexor XR (but not sure to what level) and Teva (Actavis) are happy to offer Price Support for Venlafaxine XR –Arrow for our SOH from 30 May 2017.

Naturally where the supplier does not match the new subsidy price, a patient surcharge will apply.

In a nutshell, nothing needs to change other than managing your stock levels very well until 1 June 2017 when reference pricing is applied.

Please note:- all Efexor XR and Venlafaxine XR-Arrow products listed above will be delisted 1 September 2017 and Enlafax XR Caps will be HSS and CSS from 1 September 2017 and will be added to the STAT list from 1 December 2017.

ProPharma will not accept credits for Efexor XR or Venlafaxine XR  from the date of this notification under any circumstances.





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