A new listing in both the Pharmaceutical Schedule Section B and Section H (HML) from 1 April 2017.

Lodi Injection 50 mg per ml, 3 ml 5 ampoules – Pharmacode TBC will have HSS status from 1 June 2017 and CSS status from 1 September 2017.

Cordarone-X Injection 50 mg per ml, 3 ml 6 Pharmacode 2426137 will be reference priced to Lodi Injection from 1 June 2017.

Pharmaceutical Schedule price will reduce  1 June 2017 to $11.98, a decrease of 47.46%

The good newsSanofi have advised that the price of Cordarone-X Injection will reduce effective from 12 March 2017 to match the future schedule pricing. This is your opportunity to continue to support the incumbent brand and improve your profitability at the same time.

Cordarone-X Injection 50 mg per ml, 3 ml 6 ampoule pack Pharmacode 2426317 price ex-manufacturer from 12 March 2017 will be $11.98, however the schedule price will remain at $22.80 until 1 June 2017.

Your improved profitability will be $10.82 per pack plus your margin and wholesaler terms until 1 June 2017 at which time you can continue to support this product until either stock is depleted or 1 September 2017 when sole supply commence in the community.

As of the date of this notification ProPharma cannot accept Cordarone-X Injection for credit under any circumstances.




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