This is a concept which needs to be thoroughly thought through by each and every pharmacy.

On many occasions reps are chasing an order while you are extremely busy dispensing and managing your daily activities.

Are they in all seriousness better than your existing deal with your wholesaler – in many instances NOT and in other it is so marginal that the time taken to generate the order, unpack and receipt and then have to pay another account makes many of them very marginal.

And can they seriously provide you with that daily total service need – NEVER.

So why jeopardise that for the sake of a few cents or $’s

If you are trading direct we would welcome the opportunity to provide a FACTUAL comparison. Simply provide us with the invoices from the supplier and we will in total confidentiality provide you with a comparison. There are no obligations other than look to the bigger picture and put a true value on your time.

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